Monday, 7 January 2013

Art of designing trade show banners and trade show banner stands

Art of designing trade show banners and trade show banner stands by Neo Events
A trade-show banner is great way to promote your business in an event. In today's highly competitive marketplace, custom trade show banners act as an opportunity for companies to reach out all new prospective clients. It plays a major role in drawing the interest of the  crowd and influencing your brand's future as well as loyalty in the marketplace. Trade fairs have emerged as an effective way to encourage interaction between companies and customers. These days, the majority of companies tend to give utmost importance to these types of promotional events to advertise their products and services. It helps you to serve a staggeringly wide and varied audience.

A professional and attractive looking pop up displays for trade show can turn thousands of visitors walking through your booth into your potential customers. It standout to your business as a golden opportunity. Truly speaking, it's all about attracting new customers, creating a positive brand image, and turning customer's interest into a positive action which ultimately results in the better revenues. On the other hand, the unprofessional custom trade show banners and retractable banner stands can be a mess and end up in developing a negative brand image.

You can consider the below mentioned essential tips and tricks to turn your trade show into a huge success.
1. The theme and concept of your custom banners are very important in terms of attracting all your potential customers from the crowd towards your booth. It should be very interesting and eye-catchy. To make your theme more effective, you can consider a logo-based theme and use company's logo innovatively. A logo-based theme helps you to create a long-lasting impression on the minds of the viewers and recognition of your company's signature symbol as well. It is advisable to choose your theme carefully because it works as a complete crowd-puller in the event.

2. The readability and availability of a trade show custom banner are another significant aspect you should keep in mind while designing trade show displays as well as trade show  banner stands. Your custom banner-display must consist all the relevant information about your brand and its services or products. Adding catch phrases, eye-soothing color scheme is a great attempt to make your message more attractive. Try to keep your message simple, concise, meaningful and effective. You should pay more attention towards the selection of font size, font style and color scheme.

3. A visually appealing trade show display with the high quality graphics can add more value to your banner display. Say no to extremely frustrating loud graphics.

4. The size of the display should be chosen wisely keeping in mind the space available in the trade fair. The typical standard size of the booth is 10 ft x 10 ft in North America and the smallest possible size of exhibit spaces 3m x 3m in Europe and Asia. You can opt for a strategically larger size in comparison to the smaller one. The reason is simple - large sized displays help to achieve higher visibility.

Consider aforementioned tips while designing custom trade show roll up displays for your trade show event and derive the maximum benefits out of it. You can also leverage the wide variety of a trade fair displays ranging from tabletop displays to throw covers, banner stands, pipe and drape, pop up displays, custom modular hybrid displays, flat panel displays and more.

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